International Employments

International Employments

HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN specializes in the globalization of employment. The scope of consulting services contains drafting and processing of contracts  in matters of social security and tax law as well as the regulations concerning immigration and work permits. We provide our services for employments in and in relation to 150 countries.

The arrangement of deployments, delegations, transfers and secondments are challenging because of the complexity of the involved fields of law. Our consulting service is complemented by implementing the recommendations. The client can rely on our full support for the staff transfer.

Please note the following introduction to questions and concerns regarding international assignments: 

National and International Law Relating to Contracts of Employment

1. What does international assignment mean?

2. HR decisions which have to be made
    2.1 Selection of personnel and job profile
    2.2 Personnel from the parent company or new employees?
    2.3 Own employees / Expatriates
    2.4 Native employees / Locals 

3. Time and resources required for preparation
    3.1 Language - cultural - country-specific preparation
    3.2 Preparation in the family
    3.3 Preparatory checklists 

4. Drafting of a Contract
    4.1 The significance of the secondment contract
    4.2 The principles of drafting a contract
    4.3 The corporate philosophy on international assignment /commitment to the parent company

5. The essential regulations of a contract for international assignment
    5.1 The choice of law clause
    5.2 Re-integration clause
    5.3 Authorization / supervision/ reporting channel
    5.4 The salary system / benefits in kind
    5.5 Compulsory social insurance
    5.6 Taxation of the income

6. Model contracts
7. Co-determination of works councils
    7.1 The European Works Council
    7.2 The works council

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