Aleksandra Pieczynska (Mag. jur. (PL), LL. M. Köln)

Aleksandra Pieczynska, a native of Poland, focuses her practice on Polish legal affairs. She uses her Polish and German legal and language skills and her experiences with Polish and German authorities and companies to develop the most efficient and effective approaches for the firm´s clients.

In 1995, Mrs. Pieczynska passed her exam at the "Adam Mickiewicz University" in Poznan, Poland. After her legal studies she worked for a legal counsel and a law firm in Poland. Her professional focus was business law, labor and employment law and general civil law. Mrs. Pieczynska moved to Germany in 1998 to continue her education and was awarded a Master of Laws from the University of Cologne in 2004.

Aleksandra Pieczynska

Heike Hartmann

Heike Hartmann works as a Global Mobility Expert at HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN She started her career as an accountant and worked in Canada from 1999 to 2015. She is familiar with all issues of international employment. Ms. Hartmann handles the areas of VISA (inbound/outbound), social security as well as national and international payroll.

Ms. Hartmann manages the Expat Safe Directory (ESD), the network of global mobility specialists in 110 countries and supports the publication of the HEUSER magazine.

Heike Hartmann

Christina Albrecht

Christina Albrecht coordinates the Global Mobility division, which includes visas, work permits, social security, taxation, gross/net salary calculations and contract services. She is fluent in English.

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