All foreigners who intend to live and work in Germany must follow the applicable laws and tax requirements.  The laws and their application can be difficult to identify, navigate and comply with.  HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN can assist you.  In addition, we created the guide "Navigating Germany" in cooperation with other sponsors. This guide has been released exclusively and entirely in English. 

Contact us to assist make your transition as smooth as possible.  We are here to help you. 

Our services:

  • Immigration

    Our services:

    •     Application for- Visa- Work Permit- Residence Permit
    •     administrative procedures
    •     suit at law

    Germany controls its labour market like any other state. To take up a professional activity in another country requires a residence and work permit. Permission is subject to the submission of an application. The requirements applicable to Germany must be met. Anyone who does not have the necessary residence and work permit must expect to be expelled from Germany This applies to all professional groups and ranks.

    In many cases, the special licensing requirements for accompanying family members are overlooked.

    Entry formalities must be clarified in good time, they can be bureaucratic and critical. An expert handling is therefore recommended.

  • Social insurance

    Our services:

    •     pension insurance
    •     health insurance
    •     nursing care insurance
    •     unemployment insurance
    •     casualty insurance
    •     Determination of country-specific contributions
    •     social security strategies

    The social security status changes for cross-border activities in one or more countries. The special features of bilateral social security agreements have the same effect as a foreign social security system with its own requirements.

    Impatriates often want social security protection as they would have it in their home country. They fear that their social security situation in Germany will be worse.

  • Insurance cover

    Our services:

    •     Identification of insurance gaps
    •     Development of contractual solutions

    In many cases, the benefits provided by the social insurance institutions are not sufficient. Then the protection should be completed by complementary or substituting solutions.

    Working in Germany brings with it numerous new risks that did not even exist before. The existing insurance cover should be updated.

  • Income tax

    Our services:

        net salary calculation
        Tax returns at home and abroad
        compensation models
        control strategies

    If you work in another country, the right to tax is transferred to the place of employment, depending on the length of your stay and the rules governing your place of residence. Then the special features of a typically foreign national income tax law apply, which can change the amount of net disposable income. A net salary determination is necessary.

    Due to increasingly complex regulation mechanisms at the international level, it is necessary to prepare tax returns both in the home country and in Germany. This requires expert and local support that can be provided.

    When returning home, proof of proper taxation of income in Germany is now required in many cases.

    An individual tax strategy can therefore be very useful. Especially as foreign tax systems can also provide for privileges.

  • Drafting of contracts

    Our services:

    •     drafting of contracts
    •     conflict of laws
    •     protection against dismissal
    •     conduct of a case
    •     Company pension scheme

    The design of assignments, delegations and localisations is a demanding task. The challenge lies in the complexity of the regulatory matter. The legal peculiarities require a careful solution that is tailored to the individual case. In addition to the contract, there are other duties to provide information. Legal certainty only comes from a professional consultant.

    The different forms and forms of a global employment relationship must be regulated without contradiction.

    The contract should take into account the insurance and tax specifics of the individual case.

    The handling and administration of international service contracts requires numerous individual measures and special expertise.

    Often, country-specific legal requirements must be observed and implemented in order to avoid liability bases.

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