Navigating Germany

Welcome to Germany

Expatriates in Germany often face a host of important, sometimes difficult, and at times challenging, questions and situations. There's finding a home - and perhaps a job - finding the right school for your children, getting used to different public transport systems as well as German traffic rules, and opening a bank account. This guide is here to help you to steer a course through this jungle of new experiences.

As Germany's expatriate community continues to grow, so does the demand for specially geared information. In Navigating Germany, you'll find useful tips for getting over the usual hurdles new expatriates often run up against - from learning to deal with culture shock to sifting your way through bureaucracy and getting a phone connection hooked up. You'll also find city guides for Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Munich. International as these cities are, each bears its own distinct features, and is worth exploring.

There's a lot to see and do in Germany. You'll soon discover that the number of places you can travel to when you need a break or want to get out into the great outdoors is boundless. Leafing through our chapter on kids' activities also gives you a few tips on places where the kids can run loose for a day, and great holiday destinations for the little ones. Geography, history and tradition have left their mark on everything here from the varied landscapes in different states to unique culinary specialties.

It's easy to get used to life in Germany. And wherever you go, most people will speak or at least understand English. Get out there and enjoy it!

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