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The secondment of German employees abroad

In this book, the legal rules applicable to international employees are explained in an understandable and systematic manner for the practitioner. The book covers all legal areas relevant for assignments abroad: Labour law, tax law, social security law, residence and work permit law as well as data protection law. Both national provisions and international law are taken into account, in particular double taxation agreements and social security agreements.

In addition, sample contracts and checklists contain many useful tips for practical implementation.
The book corresponds to the current state of legal development. The numerous new provisions of German tax and social security law applicable from 2004 were incorporated, as were the changes in international social security law following the eastern enlargement of the European Union on 1 May 2004.

Achim Heuser worked in the human resources and legal department of the holding company of a global industrial company and later headed its executive board office. His law firm HEUSER RECHT UND STEUERN is dedicated to the topic of globalization of employment relationships. To this end, he has appeared in numerous publications, lectures and interviews.

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Specialist Literature

This reference book deals with the applicable regulations concerning labour, social security and taxes for employments abroad in a comprehensible and systematical way.